For new clients that have marketing budgets over $20.000 per month, we offer the Transparent CPA Marketing Solution.

Transparent CPA Marketing Benefits

We understand that when taking over a pay per click campaign with large budgets, it is likely that the client has been directly involved in the strategy, execution and planning of the campaign and is consequently used to getting full visibility of the campaign metrics.

The Transparent CPA Marketing Solution gives all the benefits our Risk Free CPA model offers, combined with full visibility of the campaign metrics to the keyword level and comprehensive web analytics.

Just as with our non-transparent CPA marketing model, there are no set up fees, no management fees, no consultation or training fees. Where new landing pages or even campaign sites are required we even build that free of charge! Our customers only pay the contracted rate for an acquisition (lead, email address, sale, subscription, download, etc.)

We use the acquisition fees wherever it will have the most impact with campaign optimization in mind. This may include, but is not limited to more spend with the search engines, banner marketing, media buying and CPM network advertising.

The eight basic steps to setting up a CPA Marketing Campaign:

  • Establishing the CPA with the client
  • We issue an agreement for the established CPA
  • We generate and advanced search term portfolio and deploy appropriate ad copy.
  • We develop a campaign site and implement the required tracking
  • We set our client up for daily reporting
  • We set-up the campaigns with the search networks
  • We invoice our client for 1 month of forecasted acquisitions (only the 1st month)
  • We launch the campaign(s)

During the campaign optimization process we take various steps to optimize the performance of the campaigns. You can learn more about the processes we employ to make your campaign run more efficiently by taking a look at our CPA Marketing Processes page.